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The Four Best Sales Skills You’ll Ever Need

Saleswoman with tabletThere are many sales tool out there that can help you become a better seller, but you are the best tool you have. Sure, the internet and mobile technology can be a great help and get you talking to more people, but if you drop the ball once you have them, then that’s your problem, not technologies.

Yes, you want to have all the latest gadgets and sales tool, but if you don’t have the following things then you may not be getting all the sales you could be.

A Professional Look

You need to look the part if you want people to buy from you, if you are selling in person. Obviously selling over the phone is a whole different story. A professional look means a business suit, and yes ladies, there are some lovely women’s business suits out there that can have you looking like a professional sales woman in no time.

You want to be clean, well kempt, and have the attitude that shows that you know you are a professional and a success. Having the right attitude is definitely part of the finishing touch of the perfect professional look, and your winning attitude will even come out across the phone.

A Smile On Your Face

In person or on the phone, you need to be smiling. Smiles are infectious, they make you and the person you are smiling at feel good, and that smile might just make you the sale. Plus, when you’re smiling, it’s harder to get frustrated.

Smile when you are on the phone because you can bet the person on the other end can tell you are smiling and your voice will have a more happy inflection to it. A happy sales person has a better chance at being a successful one!

Product Or Service Knowledge

If you don’t know your products or services it is going to show, and it is going to lose you sales. You don’t want to have to ask someone to hold on while you go find an answer for them, you need to know your products inside and out if you are truly going to be a successful salesperson.

Try your products and services yourself to get a better understanding of them. It will show in your sales pitches.

Ability To Communicate Effectively

Communicating effectively is the most important part of sales, and if you can’t do it you won’t be a success. You need to be able to clearly speak on the phone and to people. You need to be able to word things so they can understand. You need to have a tone of voice that makes them excited to buy and doesn’t put them to sleep.

You don’t want to sound like you are reading from a script. And, you want to sound as excited as you want them to be about buying what you’re selling.

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