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4 Tips to Strike the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Career LifeAmericans are working more than ever in 2015, and striking the perfect work-life balance feels more like a pipe dream than a real possibility as employers demand longer hours and increased productivity.


5 Tips for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs with Learning Disabilities


1. Focus on Showing Up

There’s a great quote that says, “80% of success is just showing up.” So many people don’t succeed because they don’t take the first step, which is simply getting started. Don’t get hung up on being perfect or having the best business that exists, just focus on getting something out there. Even the smallest step forward is still a step forward.

2. Know your...


Can the Gen Y Job Seeker Hack It in the Real World?

Getting Targeted By EmployersEmployers aren’t exactly clamoring to hire today’s new grads. If you are  one—even one with an impressive degree—the deck is stacked against you.  Ben Carpenter offers 17 ways to prove you know what matters in the real  world—both in the job search and in the early days after “you’re hired.”


Email Etiquette for Generation Text

Email EtiquetteYou understand that you’ll need to structure your professional emails differently than you would a text or a tweet. But unless you had the good fortune to take an “Email Etiquette 101” course in college, you might be unsure of what, exactly, you should and shouldn’t do before clicking “send.”


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