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5 Tech Career Paths for Women In Business

Women in TechnologyConsider that there is no longer any reason that women should have any different pay or opportunity than men anymore, and that the availability of tech jobs is skyrocketing, and suddenly you'll see where the chance for breaking through for women in tech industries is going to be soon.

The old guard in management is leaving, and along with them, the old attitudes about women in tech jobs that have been so prevalent.

And because of this, five tech career paths that are going to be open like never before include VOIP industry opportunities, software development and coding jobs, gaming industry positions, mobile app development groups, and positions all along the spectrum of the medical technology route.

VOIP Opportunities

When you look at the VOIP industry, you'll see an absurd amount of opportunity and potential. Because of communication structures that are blossoming with the advent of so much mobile streaming, data lines are clogging and unclogging as technology bends and flexes. And there is no factor keeping women away from any position in this industry, including management, administration, field work, or even testing, as new tech hits the marketplace.

Software Development and Coding

The software development and coding industries have long been male-centric, but once again, the expansion of new technology along with the equality of time and space that the Internet provides is opening up possibilities to anyone who is driven and passionate about the work, and not just ones that have previously qualified because of who they know or what club they're a part of.

The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is interesting on several levels. The programmers and coders are on one side, and the players are on the other. There are professionals in both of those fields. And as time progresses, there's a keener and keener interest in the development of female gamers to add to the community at large and take a bigger role in every aspect of the social circle that games represent, both internally and externally.

Mobile App Development

A lot of mobile app development now takes place between a single person and the distance between them and a keyboard. This is a gender-neutral opportunity for anyone with the drive to plow through the process to come out on the other end as successful as they wish. For women in business, this will come down to the fact that it doesn't matter who they are, what their educational background is, anything about their family, or any prior experience. If you have the will, there is a way for anyone with a strong mindset.

The Medical Technology Route

Finally, the line between doctors, nurses, administrators, and hospital technicians is completely blurred, which means that opportunities for women in the medical technology field are absolutely exploding. There is still the college and the training to get past, but now there is an end goal within anyone's reach who is willing to jump through all of the necessary hoops.

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