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Seeking Harmony: Finding an Imperative Balance Between Work & Life

Celeste NewberryAs women, we can find ourselves in a tangle, unable to achieve an inner balance.  We are pulled in a million directions between family, work and our day to day commitments and we simply forget to stop and breathe. More importantly the dangerous effects have only gained steamed and gotten worse over the years.

There is a disturbing report that nearly three in every ten employees may experience some sort of a mental health problem during the course of a year. Our mental symptoms can then drastically affect our physical well being, a true sign that the scales are tipping in a dangerous direction.

Symptoms of Unbalance

  • Exhaustion - As the candles get burned at both ends, trying to work longer hours, and staying up longer to accomplish tasks at home we put ourselves into a sleep deficit. This deficit puts us at risk for more injuries and making simple mistakes.
  • Absence - When we cross the line of being unbalanced our absence level climbs, we are at work so we miss important milestones or family events.  We also subject ourselves to  illnesses which create more absences at work.
  • Relationships - Simply put, relationships suffer.  As you spread yourself between work, family and friends you simply do not have time to manage them.  Friendships fall by the wayside, children feel ignored and clients feel like they aren’t receiving the time and attention that they are paying for.

Experiencing these symptoms can induce massive amounts of stress.  The effects of stress can expand into even more dangerous symptoms ranging from forgetfulness and migraines to more dangerous symptoms such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With these types of chronic illness on the rise, it’s imperative that we take better care of ourselves.

Tipping the Scales Back in Your Favor

While that might be a dire picture that has been painted, we are strong, resilient and we can find a way to regain control.

Personally, I am inspired by Renee Baldo’s story.  Renee is a nurse who had a clear understanding what stress can do to the body. Coupling together her goal of maintaining personal health and balance along with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she opened her own studio, Unlimited Potential.  Renee believes the management of stress is the key to avoiding the breakdown of our bodies. Her mission is to work with women who have been affected by cancer or who have experienced body image challenges.  Her desire is to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

Keys to Success

  • Set your priorities and don’t leave out your boundaries. Put yourself first.
  • Concentrate on one activity at a time, giving it all your attention.  Track your time along the way. Know that it is acceptable to schedule time for yourself, get a massage or read a book.
  • Learn how to say no, respectfully. There is an art to it.
  • Assess your personal habits, are you getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep, making good nutrition choices and getting regular exercise.
  • Take the vacation, make the time, going somewhere far away isn’t required, just take a break, unplug and relax.
  • Evaluate on a regular basis. It’s easy to start new practices, but then drift off the path.

Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”

Barbara de Angelis

What works for you?  How do you find the moments to take time out for yourself?  Do you schedule it?  Share your thoughts and best advice. 

C.A. Newberry is a retired jack of all trades including: Event Coordinator, Communications Director and “That girl that handles all the PR”. She is blessed with passion for continued learning and sharing life experiences. If she is not at her computer, you can find her at the ballpark with her family. Connect with her on Twitter.

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