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Women and Deutsche Bank: ATLAS Female Leadership Program Opens in London

Deutsche BankOn April 15th in London, Deutsche Bank launched its fourth ATLAS program, their global leadership development initiative for female managing directors.

ATLAS, which stands for Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy, aims to prepare and position talented women for influential leadership positions. This year, the program includes 16 participants from across the Bank’s business divisions, infrastructure functions and Regional Management.

The ATLAS participants serve as ambassadors with a critical role to the Bank’s focus on leadership and breaking down silos.

The recent program opening included an interactive discussion and dinner, where members of Deutsche Bank’s C-Suite joined participants to discuss leadership and personal accountability as well as execution and delivery for the Bank. Throughout the next 12 months, each woman will be sponsored by a senior executive while receiving tailored training opportunities.

Creating Opportunities for Women

At Deutsche Bank, 42% of the workforce is made up of women – a number that isn’t currently reflected at the senior level but one that they’re actively working to improve upon. The Bank is committed to creating an environment where everyone can thrive – and maximize their potential.

And with programs like ATLAS, Deutsche Bank is leading by example. In 2012, the Bank was recognized with a “Global Award” from Opportunity Now, a campaign for greater gender diversity in business.

Since its initial launch in 2009, over half of past ATLAS participants have moved into more senior roles.

To learn more about life at Deutsche Bank – and to search for available opportunities – please visit db.com/careers

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