2 Ways to Put A Feminine Touch On Your Office Space

Office Chic

Office ChicAs a kid growing up people often ask what it is you want to be. Though the answer to that question frequently changes and very rarely does a person actually end up being what it is they wanted to be at the age of 7, one thing does remain constant; you have to grow up to be something.

As a woman you’ve probably toyed with a lot of different thoughts and people have probably tried to stuff you into a corner of options of jobs that typically pertain to your sex. I.e. house mom, nurse, day care owner, teacher, or anything that has to do with loving children or animals, keeping house and raising a family.

These career fields are amazing options, but if you don’t feel that they’re the path you want to take, that’s fine. Maybe you’re a babe that’s all about business. Maybe you want to be a lawyer, and maybe you really have a thing for cars so you dream of opening your own dealership.

Whatever you choose to do, find yourself in it and put your own personal stamp on the job and office space. If you’re trying to find the balance of how to bring a feminine flair to your work environment and office space in a tasteful way, here are a couple ways you can do that:

Be Purposeful With Wall Decoration

An office space is very important. When people enter your space they’ll often derive first impressions of you based on the cleanliness of your office and the way it is decorated. If you want to show girl power, do so by being purposeful with your wall hangings. Peruse the collections of Park West Gallery, or head on over to some other local shops and pick out some items that speak to you and make you feel good about yourself and the place you’re at in life. A piece of art well placed on a wall makes a big statement and serves as a great conversation starter and ice breaker as well.

Remember That Less is More

The temptation to go over the top is real, but you have to remember that just because it’s your office doesn’t mean you have free reign to make the place look like your grandmother’s house. In an office space, especially as the days creep closer to 2017, remember that less is more.

A couple purposeful art pieces on the walls and a magnificent rug on the ground will do wonders for a space and will give your office the nice warm feminine touch it needs without being distracting. In addition to the rug and paintings or art installations, you can consider a couple lamps and pillows on the couch, but beyond that, you should be set.