3 Ways To Prepare For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

3 Ways To Prepare For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

3 Ways To Prepare For Returning To Work After Maternity LeaveHaving a child changes your life completely. Regardless of how strongly you try to continue living life as you knew it, there are major areas of your routine that will go through a bit of an upheaval. One of these areas is work.

Luckily for some women, the option to take maternity leave is a great chance to spend some much needed quality time with your little one while you’re still trying to get used to each other. But once the time to go back to work comes upon you, it can be a real challenge to make this transition. To help those working mothers out there achieve it all, here are three ways you can and should prepare for returning to work after maternity leave.

Give Yourself Time To Adjust

Just like it took you a few weeks or months to figure out how to do the mom thing, it’s going to take you some time to figure out how to do the working mom thing. According to Amy Capetta, a contributor to Parents.com, some experts say that it can take up to a few months for a new mom to get used to her routine of going back to work. This can also be a hard adjustment period for your baby and any other members of your family at home, so try to be just as patient with yourself as you are with them. Also, it’s okay to realize that going back to work full time just isn’t going to work for you. If and when this happens, consider talking to your boss about how you can rearrange your schedule so you’re able to have more time at home.

Find Help With Your Kids

One of the biggest worries that afflicts most new working moms is who is going to take care of their children. In today’s economic times, it’s hard for many families to financially make it possible for one parent to stay home full time with the kids. Because of this, there are many options available for childcare. Millie Rainer, a contributor to WorkingMother.com, suggests looking for a caregiver in places like employment services at your local colleges or high schools, the hospital or foundations like the Red Cross.

You could also ask your child’s doctor or other working moms you know for recommendations of a trusted daycare or babysitter. The priority is finding someone both you and your child are comfortable with, so keep that in mind when searching for the right fit.

Get Rid Of Guilt

Many moms share that they had strong feelings of guilt after returning back to work. Some of this guilt was due to the time they had to spend away from their child. Other’s guilt was due to their desire to return to their professional life. Regardless of what your parent guilt is coming from, the Mayo Clinic advises all working parents to do what they can to let go of that guilt. No parent is perfect, and you’re just doing what you think is best for your child and yourself. Simply try your hardest to be present and available whether you’re at home or at work and hopefully neither of these areas of your life will suffer.

Once your maternity leave runs out, you may be excited, sad or both to be returning to work. While this can be a difficult situation to manage, you and your family will survive. Use the tips mentioned above to not only survive, but thrive during this time in your life.