6 Tech Gadgets for the Stylish Businesswoman

Fashionable Wearable Tech

Fashionable Wearable TechWomen’s technology buying habits outpace men, according to Parks Associates. More women are playing video games, buying tablets and smartphones, and having higher purchase intentions than men. Overall, Parks Associates urges manufacturers to give women practical and social reasons to buy, and they’ll follow suit.

You don’t have to compromise on style when browsing the latest tech upgrades. Wearable tech used to only come in black or white and were clunky while worn, but today’s marketplace is seeing more feminine-inspired tech products. That being said, here are six of the best tech gadgets for the stylish businesswoman.

Sony Headphones

Skip the bulky headphones and cheap earbuds and switch to Sony headphones instead. Sony’s noise-canceling headphone collection is beautifully designed and helps you focus when you need to get down to work or block out nearby conversations. Choose from a traditional charcoal black or a spirited color like Bordeaux pink to add some color to your wardrobe.


Kate Spade answers your call for a stylish purse that charges your devices on the go. Everpurse is as fashionable as it is. The wireless bag features a seamless lining to slide in your iPhone and fully charge it. Place your bag on top of the included mat when you’re at home or work to recharge the bag. The next day, just slip your iPhone into the Smart Pocket and go.

Vinaya Connected Jewelry

The average user picks up their smartphone 221 times a day, according to a survey by Tecmark. Vinaya aims to offer a stylish solution to the technology habit to keep you connected without fixating on your devices. Skip the clunky Bluetooth hanging from your ear and invest in connected designer jewelry instead. Vinaya jewelry offers a line of Bluetooth-enabled rings, necklaces and bracelets that send a subtle vibration when you want to be notified.

Prada Phone

Go high-end fashion with your smartphone and invest in the Prada Phone by LG 3.0. The phone comes with all the bells and whistles you expect from a smartphone, such as a rear camera, over four hours of battery talk time and near field communication, and it is sleek and lightweight. Slip your Prada phone into your Prada bag and step out for a night on the town.

Sona by Caeden

Industrial-looking wearable tech isn’t the only option if you’re fashion-forward. Sona connected bracelets come in leather and metal options like rose gold. The band is interchangeable to adjust to your style preferences from one day to the next. Track your heart health and active time while you’re on the go. Choose from five Resonance breathing meditations to stay focused and calm to reduce your stress levels.


Monitor your UV exposure and protect your skin all year round with the June ring. Choose from platinum, gold or gunmetal color rings that are outfitted with UVA and UVB sensors. The app puts together all of the data and gives you the UV index in real-time, so you know if it’s safe to stay out in the sun or if you need to cover up. June also sends you notifications to apply more SPF and which level you need.

As a stylish businesswoman, you need the best products to keep you connected, productive and fashionable. Take advantage of the manufacturers that are developing trendy products and impress your co-workers with your stylish tech gadgets.