2012 Women In Business & Industry Cover

2012 Women In Business & Industry Out Today!

2012 Women In Business & Industry CoverThe 2012 edition of Women In Business & Industry is out now. Inside we cover the importance of good writing skills, new business venture tips, the 12 biggest job hunting mistakes, the top 50 companies for female executives, and how women-owned businesses are leading the creation of new jobs.

Check it out today, either on your computer or mobile device!

Cancelled Job Fair

Seattle Job Fair… Or Not?

Cancelled Job FairWe’ve been told that the Seattle Job Fair that was supposed to be held at the Seattle Airport Hilton did not occur today.

To everyone who went out to the Hilton expecting a job fair, only to be met with nothing, we wish to apologize.

Thumbs Up for the Fairness in Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Act of 2012

Bipartisan legislation to create windfall for women-owned businesses

Thumbs Up for the Fairness in Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Act of 2012New legislation could make it easier for women-owned businesses to win federal contracts, driving revenue and creating jobs at a critical time of economic recovery.


A Bad Precedent

Anti-TwilightBy now everyone’s heard the jokes about how bad and terrible the vampire-romance series Twilight is. Yes, it has cheesy sparkling vampires and transforming werewolf men who keep losing their shirt seemingly every ten minutes. If you haven’t heard about Twilight, then maybe that brief description sounds campy enough.

But does Twilight actually do women a disservice? Is it actually setting an idealistic bad precedent, undermining prior efforts at femininity, equality, and romance?

I think it does.