Remote work with kids at home?

working with kids at home can be productive

Working remotely with kids at home

Well you and everybody knows that working remotely with kids at home is a challenge but managing it can be hard sometimes. With the pandemic situation going on people nowadays are trying to adjust themselves for remote work. Working from home even when kids are also at home is not an easy task but parents are struggling to find a solution so they could easily maintain balance between work and kids. They also want to perform significant tasks for their better career in future. There are some tips mentioned below that make the remote work easier for working parents.

Daily routine:

Your daily routine is something very important in remote work. 

Start of the day:

You should get up early in the morning. Then you should go for a morning walk. Take a bath and then get dressed and be ready to start your day with a positive attitude. 

Make schedule:

You should make a complete schedule of the day that what is your work, when will you work, how will you finish it and where will you feel comfortable to work. Everything should clearly mention in it that when will your work hours and when will your leisure time. In your work hours, your kids and your family will not disturb you so you can continue your work without any disturbance. Similarly, when you are with your family, your coworkers should know this that you are busy so they will not disturb you and you can have a great day.

Team connections:

You have to build strong relationship with your coworkers and manager through different social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, instant messages, phone calls etc. you should support them in their tough times so they can also help you in your worst situations.

Avoid distractions:

When you are working at home then there are many distractions like the noise of throwing dishes into the sink or an irritating noise of Television. You should learn to manage these situations.

Crucial points:

  • You should create a play area for your kids near your work place so you can easily see them and their activities and can also finish your work at a same time.
  • If they are listening to music to kill boredom then you can give them headphones to avoid distraction
  • You should also maintain the boundaries because everything is good in limits.
  • You should hire home tutors for them so they could spend some of their time in learning different skills and gaining knowledge according to a proper schedule.

 Balanced diet:

You should also take care of your children’s health. You should provide them nutritionally rich foods for their growth and development. And avoid all unhealthy foods. Eat with whole family and according to a proper time table.


You should also practice self-care for a happy and peaceful life. You should also appreciate the benefits of remote work because in this way you can spend time with your family.



Remote work can be difficult but by following above mentioned tips you can reduce your level of stress and it is very helpful so you can do productive work while staying at home and also able to maintain domestic harmony. With the stress level reduced by following our instructions you can then focus on all the other activities and do proper work from home with taking care of your daily doings. Last week we started on same subject click here to read it out.


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