Can You Reach Pay Equality?

How can women push for pay equality?


In a previous article,Equal Pay: How Can You Get It?” we explained the rights of women and why it is essential to stand for the right to pay equality and always keep pushing for it. Here in the 2nd part of this series, you will see what needs to be done to help close the pay gap.

Women are not receiving equal pay for working equally. This affects the overall earning potential of women. Many mothers in the workforce get paid less compared to the men working in the same location. Women work hard, go for part-time jobs, but still face the pay discrimination and the consequences of unequal pay cannot be ignored, should be changed. Salaries should be equal regardless of gender because they carry similar responsibilities and perform the bulk of duties globally.

Pay equality:

When women work equally, then they deserve equal pay that lies under labor rights where there is no sex discrimination and no pay discrimination. So, women earn similarly per hour and earn fair wages for the sake of their families.

Advantages of women in business:

  • Men and women have different experiences and backgrounds, so challenging each other and cooperating can promote the unique and creative ideas that are very helpful in pushing the organizations forward.
  • They can lead a business towards success by using their skills and knowledge.
  • Women represent enormous economic power and offer valuable consumer insight. Both men and women can make beneficial products and can start a business that will give a considerable amount of benefits.

Challenges for women in business:

  • Women are still underrated in different fields of life. There are many trends of a growing female workforce in various sectors like finance, engineering, etc. 
  • Women in leadership roles often failed to achieve goals just because of gender discrimination. 

Women can bridge the gender wage gap:

There must not be any difference between the earnings of men and women. Women can push for pay uniformity by proper awareness and understanding of the job values. Women can motivate the whole family to play an equal role in characteristics such as adjusting the old persons or childcare. A personal reset can surface the way for them to have equal opportunity for career expansion and pay uniformity.

One of the most productive and successful ways to restrict gender pay gaps is through minimum living salaries and social protection universally.

Minimum living wages benefit all needy and destitute workers; it helps women more dramatically.

What needs to be done?

Maximizing women’s economic security by closing the gender pay gap. There must be proper medical facilities for all women, and also medical leave that can be affordable for child care. Employees should maintain a balance between work and payments.

There should not any racial and gender discrimination and must have economic justice for all is a civil rights issue. They should live free from violence and discrimination.


Women are the subject of gender-based discrimination in the workplace. They should not face any pay discrimination because pay equality for the same work is a human right that decreases the poverty in future life. Also, if you have not gone through the first part of the series where we talk about “How women can push for pay equality?” give it a read, you will not regret it as a woman in business or a working woman. We talk about how it is the right of every working woman to get equal pay, read it here.

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