Careers For Women With A Love Of Beauty And Fashion

Women in Fashion Industry

Women in Fashion IndustryIf beauty and fashion are passions of yours, you may want to turn them into careers that can allow you to do what you love for a living. There are many options out there for beauty and fashion careers. It all depends on what interests you, and what talents you have.

Start by deciding what it is that you like to do, then figure out how to make it into a career. Some things will take some time, money, and some schooling. Other career options will just take some drive and creative passion.

Hair Stylist Or Barber

If you like cutting hair, or even dying hair, or you like shaving men’s beards and moustaches, you could always consider being a stylist or a barber. These jobs require some schooling, and licensing, but can be rewarding careers.

In some areas you can do these jobs right from your own home, setting up a beauty shop in a room in your home or even in your basement. You’ll have to renew your license once in awhile, and it can also pay to attend trade shows and take classes on new hairstyles and coloring products.

Makeup Artist

If you are good with a makeup brush you may want to go to school to become a makeup artist. There are many options in this field, from doing theater and FX makeup, to being the person that makes prom goers and brides look perfect for their big days.

If you like doing your own makeup, and you just want to share you makeup tips with people, you could do instructional videos. YouTube makes it easy to share your talents and tricks with others. And if you do a great job on videos you may be able to make money doing them and get free products to review and try out.


While there are modeling schools, you don’t have to have any schooling to make a career as a model. You just have to have the look and the confidence. If you’ve always dreamed of wearing the latest fashions, get some pictures taken and start looking for work as a model.

You could be a runway model, or maybe just model for catalog for your favorite shows.

Fashion Designer

If you like fashion, but you don’t want to wear it on a runway, you could always become a fashion designer. While school can help you learn the ins and outs of creating fashions from the sketches to the final product, you don’t have to have any schooling in order to start your own clothing line.

Beauty Blogger

You can make money as a beauty blogger, if you like beauty subjects and have a knack for writing. Not only will you be able to get free makeup to try out and review, but you can also find ways to monetize your blog. By being a beauty blogger you have free reign of the content you post too!