How to Deal With Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is one of the most difficult and devastating experiences you may have to deal with while on the job. It’s something that happens regardless of workplace or industry. While workplaces can always strive to be safer, it’s impossible to guarantee that any space is fully safe or free of harassment. These behaviors are […]

Breaking into Real Estate

You’ve probably known somebody who’s transitioned mid career into a real estate job. Everyone from educators, to businesspeople, to clergymen have taken it on in addition to their current careers. It’s the kind of job that people get into to make money and to continue to dedicate time to their passions. You may not have […]

Why Women Matter to Industry Research

Photo Source Why Women Matter to Industry Research The ideas about what truly matters to the success of a business are as varied as businesses themselves. However, amid all of the conflicting ideas regarding how to make an organization truly stand out, industry research remains a foundational method of achieving success.   Truly, business owners are […]

Spring Cleaning Your Careeer

Spring Cleaning Your Career

Spring Cleaning Your Career Something about blooming flowers, warmer weather and spring showers makes people want to clean up other aspects of their lives in preparation for the rest of the year. While spring cleaning is generally done at home and occasionally in the workplace, it’s also an important thing to do for more abstract […]

why women matter to business innovation

WiB: Why Women Matter to Business Innovation

Photo Source Why Women Matter to Business Innovation If a business knows what’s good for them, they know that innovation must continually be in the crosshairs. A company’s ability to innovate, in many ways, is synonymous with a company’s ability to remain relevant and competitive. Indeed, as Theodore Henderson put it for Forbes, “Innovation is […]

Why More Women Are Needed in Corporate America

Why More Women Are Needed in Corporate America Photo courtesy of Unsplash For decades, women were typically been excluded from the male-controlled workforce. Now they make up over half of the workforce; however, they only hold 16 percent of executive positions. Women are definitely qualified for high-level positions, as they make up 60 percent of […]

tips for balancing work family

Tips for Balancing Work and Family

Tips for Balancing Work & Family The business moguls of today are often hard working mothers as well (pause for applause!). Women in the workforce are not only tasked with their own success, but ensuring the success of their family. However, it goes without saying that trying to balance work and family can become tricky […]

move benefit career

How to Navigate a Move That Benefits Your Career

How to Navigate a Move That Benefits Your Career Sometimes, we’re able to make choices for our professional lives that pack a punch with relatively little action. Many women have been able to succeed by small thoughtful changes; many successful careers have been built by slowly yet consistently moving up the local career ladder. But […]