Zero-Based Budgeting

Is Zero-Based Budgeting Right for You?

Calling all current and aspiring female CFOs! Have you ever considered whether your current budgeting process is working optimally for your business? Improving the budgeting and business forecasting process for your business should be one of your top priorities. One way you can improve your businesses budgeting process is by pursuing zero-based budgeting. Let me […]

4 Ways You Can Save on Business Insurance

4 Ways You Can Save on Business Insurance

Your business is something you’ve put your heart and soul into. As a woman in business, this means you should properly protect it, like you would anything else you care deeply about. Insurance is a major cost for businesses, which limits the resources they can spend on expansion, marketing and employee wages. With the right […]

Business Accounting

How to Manage Your Money

The number one reason why all businesses online and off-line fail, is probable because the owners overestimate how much money they have to spend. Many owners will spend more money than the business is making and will eventually fall apart. Many businesses that fail do not know how to manage their money properly and make […]


A Fall Financial Checkup

When was the last time you gave your personal finances a Check-Up? Since financial planning is such an important component of our lives, I think it is good to step back, at least once a year and give your finances a Check-Up. If you wonder how in the world to do that, I’ll make it […]