Nursing: Thinking About Making a Pivot?

Nursing positions can be found working in a wide range of environments, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, physician offices,  care centers, and schools. Because of COVID-19, more and more people who work in nursing are seeking jobs that they can do without having to commute at all. During this pandemic, medicare has been temporarily expanded […]

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling On Discrimination

The restriction on sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects transgender and gay workers says the UNITED STATES Supreme Court in a landmark ruling on Monday, June 16. Unexpected author for the majority… For this historic discrimination ruling, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch wrote the opinion of the majority. The majority included […]

Organize Your Desk!

Tips For Keeping Your Office Organized

Whether you work in a cubicle, have your own office, or you work from a home office, you want to keep your office clean and organized. A disorganized office doesn’t just make it difficult to find the things you need when you need them, but it can also be a security risk if you have […]

Female Entrepreneurs: 4 Tips to Win Over Potential Investors

Female Entrepreneurs: 4 Tips to Win Over Potential Investors

The total investment of angel investing in 2014 reached $24.1 billion with 73,400 entrepreneurial ventures receiving funding, according to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire. Although this showed a 2.8 percent decrease from 2013, the numbers still show strong activity with investors looking for new business. But with thousands to […]