Equal Pay: How Can You Get It?

How can women push for pay equality?

Women can lead the charge for anything including when it comes to discussing their salaries. Although, they may need to use a few tricks to boost up the power of bargaining. Career is the most significant investment of your working life. Women nowadays are mobilized and energetic, both in personal and professional lives, but in one area of life, they are still facing gender discrimination, and that is equal pay for equal work. When women asked about raises, then they get raise 15 % of the time as compared to men who get raise 20% of the time.

Women should know how to approach this type of discussion with confidence. Men and women should receive equal pay and all other benefits for similar work.

Women have a right to equal pay:

The to receive equal pay for equal work applies to:

  • All workers even working from homes, either full-time or part-time, temporary and permanent contracts no matter what is the length of their service
  • Other employees (self-employed) their contracts need the personal performance of the work.

A woman can be able to claim equal pay with a man working:

  • In the same position at the same location
  • In the same role but working at a different location, where the same terms and conditions, rules, and regulations are applicable. For example, at any other branch of the company
  • At an associated part of the company, such as at her the parent organization.

Importance of equal pay:

  • Women are being paid less than men; women carry out even equal work. Pay of women less than men is not fair because it also contributes to society the pay gap and gender gap. Even the pension of women is less than men, which may result in poverty in your future life.
  • Salary is an essential factor that affects courage and relationships at the workplace. So arrangements should be developed that is the right step for the organization, and all employees have rewarded the same pay for the same work.
  • Through pay equality, women can perform their social responsibilities that are very crucial for the shareholders or your customers.
  • Lower earnings make it difficult for women to take care of large families and to fulfill all basic needs like food, education, and child care.
  • If any company fails to give equal pay, then it can lead to legal claims, reputational destruction, and ultimately your commercial success has been affected severely. Women, regardless of their parental status, do face pay discrimination. As the families depend on women’s wages, so eliminating wage discrimination is also critical for middle-class families.
  • Women deserve equal rights and protection in every field of life. Paying equally could benefit the whole economy.

Take aways

The law has been made for equal rights of men and women at the workplace is a greater sense of employee morale. Gender and pay equality also prevent the women from disliking the male co-workers who they know perform the same task for a higher payment. Cooperation and mutual respect are the key advantages of pay equality. In this series of article related to “How women can push for equal pay” we made it clear that it is their right to get equal pay in a country as great as America, but it is not the case when we take a look at the salary gap of a man and a women. In this series next you will get to read how powerful women in business are getting these days and what needs to be done to shorten the pay gap based in gender. Read it here.

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