Female Entrepreneur Finds Success Through Diversity

Beatrice Girelli is the co-founder and design director of Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm, Indidesign. As a successful business owner in the hospitality world, Beatrice knows a thing or two about the challenges of creating and maintaining a diverse, design-driven team.With the ability to understand and embrace a multicultural world, both within the marketplace and the workplace, Beatrice has become one of the most recognizable names in luxury hoteldesign.

Indidesign was established with the vision of creating spaces that evoke a sense of place through surprise, discovery, and desire. As a female entrepreneur, Beatrice has grown her business from a four-person operation to a team of 16,  employing a collection of dynamic, knowledgeable, and creative designers with extensive knowledge of the industry. Collectively, the boutique firm represents twelve diverse countries spanning from Turkey, Myanmar, and Serbia to Korea, Guatemala, and China. Together, the designers speak over 10 different languages.

Her belief in diversity is a necessity rather than a business strategy. Born and raised in Italy, Beatrice is a globetrotter—she has lived in various countries, immersing herself in different cultures and customs before establishing her permanent residence and business in the U.S. Her curiosity combined with an open mind allows Indidesign to experience merging viewpoints. With every project, the team’s various perspectives converge in pursuit of a common objective.

Cultural diversity has proven invaluable to the award-winning firm. The experiences, educational backgrounds, and methodologies that make up Indidesign provide the firm with the tools and processes necessary to successfully complete large-scale projects for high-profile brands. The range of opinions and perspectives creates a constant flow of interchanging ideas allowing for an organic approach to design processes unique to Indidesign.

Beatrice’s cultural awareness and diverse team have helped shape her ability to work with a wide range of clients. Some of Beatrice’s most notable projects include the Grand Hyatt Singapore, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Hokulani Waikiki, Hilton San Francisco, Hyatt Regency Monterey, and The Palace Hotel in San Francisco.