How Female Leadership Provided a Spark for TeleDirect

Benefits of female leadership at Teledirect

Benefits of female leadership at TeledirectNo company that makes a change in leadership takes the decision lightly. The top-down dynamic has a ripple effect that’s hard to measure, and most management shifts produce mixed results. Not so with TeleDirect, a business process outsourcing (BPO) leader. TeleDirect has many women to key positions in leadership roles, with positive results. We asked TeleDirect what specific aspects of their business changed for the better, and here’s what they had to say:

Despite impressive gains throughout the American labor force in recent years, women still only comprise just 4% of CEOs. While some analysts note how high that figure is – especially compared to a generation ago, when roughly 1% of all CEOs were women – we’re astounded at how low it is.

Women in leadership positions make sense from a pure financial point of view. A groundbreaking recent study illustrated the profitable penchant for women to drive business success. The study compared women-led companies in the Fortune 1000 and male-run enterprises in the S&P 500. Companies with a female at the helm more than doubled those businesses run by men.

Businesses are bottom-line driven, and TeleDirect is no different. In 2015, our company went through a massive reorganization effort. Part of this initiative involved changes involving our leadership team. In 2014, women made up less than a quarter of our executive-level positions. Today, that figure stands at 63%, and those changes have made a beneficial impact on our day-to-day business operations.

Communication is a business trait commonly attributed to females, and our company depends on effective, efficient communication every day. For example, our agents are critical to helping our customers find the right solution for their business needs. The ability to proactively connect with clients is essential for TeleDirect’s reputation. And women-oriented leadership has enabled us to make great strides in this regard.

Here are the tangible results we’ve witnessed since women gained more influence on our executive board:

  • Enhanced communication (intra-company and also with our customers)
  • Goal-oriented initiatives, including our new website
  • Successful rebranding effort (still in-process)
  • Better networking and client partnerships, which help drive our expansion efforts in different business sectors
  • Improved company morale

Our female executives include President, Director & Chief Executive Officer Celia Puff, Executive VP & CFO Smitha Baliga and Sandra Coggeshall, who is our Vice President of Sales. Ms. Puff, Ms. Baliga and Ms. Coggeshall work with Vice President of Client Services Chris Gibson to ensure TeleDirect meets customer expectations on a daily basis.

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