Fitness Tips For Women Who Work in an Office

Working Woman Fitness

Working Woman FitnessGrownup life is filled with a host of different responsibilities. When you work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, it can be difficult to find time to get everything done that you want and need to get accomplished. Add into the equation any hobbies that you would like to do, errands you have to run, time you have to spend doing day to tasks like sleeping, cooking, etc., and you’re hard pressed for any time to make sure that you’re getting into the gym. 

Thankfully being fit and being a woman working in the business world aren’t things that are mutually exclusive. It is possible to be both. If you’re a working woman who is struggling to find any time to get to the gym, here are things you can be doing right in the office to keep yourself healthy and looking like a lean, mean, working machine:

Have A Balance Ball In Your Office

If you have a desk job, one simple thing you can do to ramp up your fitness is to have a balance ball right in your office. Instead of spending all of your time sitting in a rolling office chair getting soft, sit on your balance ball instead and do workouts while you’re working. Maybe you make a pact with yourself that every email you answer, you do 20 crunches on your balance ball…Look into the different exercises that are possible on a balance ball and see what you can do while you’re in the office.

Make Lunch A Cardio Break

It may be tempting to take lunch and stroll around the office chatting with coworkers, but if you’re serious about your fitness, you’re going to want to take that time to get some cardio in. Take a jog to the place where you buy lunch, walk around the block while you eat your sandwich, have a treadmill in your office and bust out 15 or 30 minutes of running before you eat and clock back on. If you focus and make your lunch break a cardio break as well, you’ll come back to work refreshed and amped to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished.

Say No to the Office Snacks

If you have a workplace environment where people are friendly and are always bringing in food to the break room, you need to build up a determination within your heart to just say no to office snacks. Instead, provide your own healthy snacks that you can eat when you’re feeling hungry, but don’t give into the temptation of break room pizza or cake. It’s not worth it and will definitely interfere with your plans of getting fit while working in the office.