Hope, Healing and Heartfelt Compassion: Meet Camille Cassin, Executive Director of the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center

Camille Cassin

Camille CassinIn the business world, receiving a helping hand can spur success, inspire achievement and create lasting relationships. For Camille Cassin, a helping hand is often the difference between despair and hope. Ms. Cassin, Executive Director of the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, has helped hundreds of San Diego-area women in crisis pregnancies – and the journey to her current role exemplifies Turning Point’s core principles of faith, determination and trust.

The “Turn” Toward a Different Career

Like many non-profit executives, Ms. Cassin started out in the private business sector. After a decade in the graphic design industry, where Ms. Cassin worked as a project manager for small design studios and printing companies, she spent another 8 years as the co-owner of a Postal Annex business and a direct mail enterprise.

So what was Ms. Cassin’s own personal “turning point” that eventually shifted her career path from project management and printing to pregnancy clinics?

After nearly 20 years in the printing and postal fields, Ms. Cassin accepted a Director of Communications position at Torrey Pines Christian Church. There, she elevated her church’s community standing with a variety of methods, including printed material (one of her specialties, thanks to her business background) and community events.

“My time at Torrey Pines was fulfilling from both a professional and personal standpoint,” said Ms. Cassin. “It helped awaken and spark my own faith, and also connected me with positive, like-minded people.”

Ms. Cassin credits her exposure to private enterprise and faith-based organizations in eventually joining Turning Point as a volunteer counselor and fundraiser coordinator.

“As a project manager in the printing industry, I appreciated the value of teamwork,” explained Ms. Cassin. “Working with artists, art directors, sales representative and other key personnel, collaboration was crucial. And at Torrey Pines, my spirituality came “full circle” and I saw how effective, practical business management can work with a strong faith. Turning Point was a perfect fit.”

After her 3-year volunteer efforts at Turning Point, Ms. Cassin was appointed Executive Director. Since becoming ED, she has been instrumental in enhancing Turning Point’s proactive image in the greater San Diego community.

“Our mobile ultrasound unit is just one way we’ve made it easier for women to get the assistance they need,” said Ms. Cassin. “We offer ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling and other critical services that are absolutely free to anyone in need.”

With infectious enthusiasm an authentic, effusive spirit, Ms. Cassin is a natural fit as Executive Director of TPPRC. Her role parallels a genuine desire to help the greater San Diego community. “I want to continue our collaboration with other medical and social service agencies to build a wall of support around women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy so know they’re cared for. This crucial support helps to create a brighter future for everybody.”

The Value of Steadfast Belief – How Inner Strength Produces Positive Outcomes

Our contemporary social and political trends don’t create the ideal environment for those with strong, unyielding principles. Successful business leaders are all too aware of this fact, and that’s doubly true for anyone in charge of a non-profit pregnancy clinic.

Ms. Cassin’s tenure as TPPRC’s Executive Director has witnessed positive growth in her organization, along with an expanded scope of services for women in need. Holding true to her core faith and beliefs, Ms. Cassin leads Turning Point’s successful campaign against the prevailing wisdom on abortion. “I believe every human being – from the unborn to the elderly, to the developmentally disabled to the physically disabled, has intrinsic value and worth,” said Ms. Cassin. “I’m tired of the misplaced rhetoric that says women (and men for that matter) have to take an innocent, unborn life in order to achieve their goals and dreams.”

A “take on the world” mentality is a common character trait among influential CEOs, and it also applies to non-profit leaders, too. Ms. Cassin simply refuses to surrender in her crusade to help and inspire women. “I want to help them deal with a difficult situation and empower them to rise above it. No matter what choice they make, I want to communicate truth, love and grace. I strive to make TPPRC a change agent in our community, through speaking the truth in love.”

The Road Ahead – Future Plans for Turning Point

Where does Ms. Cassin go from here? Forget about resting on her laurels; despite helping make Turning Pont one of the most recognizable women’s advocacy groups in San Diego, she’s just getting started.

“Our mission isn’t complete until we’ve helped every woman in San Diego County,” said Ms. Cassin. “Unexpected, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies are somewhat of a silent epidemic in the United States, and Southern California is no different. So look for Turning Point to build on our strong legacy with new and innovative ways to reach out to those in need.”

Whatever happens, Camille Cassin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Compassion is part of her DNA, and that’s great news for Turning Point’s future. “I love my position at Turning Point because it’s not a job; it’s a calling. It’s the reason God created me and put me on this earth for however long I’m here,” Ms. Cassin explained. “Seeing a woman or man rise above a crisis, seeing joy on their faces once they come out of the crisis, and to see a child born who might not have had a chance at life is a gift that no amount of money or prestige could ever give me. What a blessed position I have!”