Kids at home…they live at your office!?

working with kids at home can work

Working with kids at home can be the best thing ever…or not.

Remote work can be an opportunity for the workers to spend extra time with their family especially with their kids at home while they work. They will be able to work in a comfortable office at home rather than working in a typical work environment. Nowadays, remote work is trending so workers have a chance to work on their professional needs and enhance their home life at the same time. At the same time, trying to get what needs to be done for work AND family may overlap and stretch your capabilities. Remote work has many advantages but also has some challenges. Recognizing them and having a plan can help. That, as well as a willingness to compromise. Here are some tactics that can be very effective for the people who are working remotely.

Use scheduling creativity with the kids at home:

If both the parents are also the workers then it is quite difficult for them to manage the situation of remote work when they have five children at home. In that case they should be creative in managing their schedules. They have set up a schedule where the working hours are fixed and also the leisure time where no one can disturb. So in this situation when one parent is working then the other manages the house, feeds the kids, helps coordinate school-work and keep the little ones busy. When work is done they can tag-team and swap. Yes it’s a generalization, and yes it’s a bit simplified. with that said, when there’s a will there’s a way.

Avoid interruptions:

When you are sharing the childcare duty with your partner then you should avoid interrupting them during their work time. The working parent should use a separate room and work in a peaceful environment and kids should stay away from that room.

You should fixed any area where you feel comfortable to work and you can wear noise-cancelling headphones so you can avoid the noise and can work peacefully.

Clear communications:

You should communicate properly and clearly through different technologies such as Zoom. You can talk about your concerns with the coworkers in a most decent and convenient way.

Alternate shifts:

If you have any issue then you can seek help from your coworker that he performs your duty and whenever he needs any help from you then you should also help him.

Kids at home means family time:

When you are with your family then there is often a tendency to avoid all other tasks. You want to be fully present with them. Try making a plan to leave your phone on the desk and just spend s short break together. Knowing that time is reserved for them, will also help keep the kids out of the way while working.

Break from work:

You should take little breaks from these hectic routines and should spend time with family. You should play with your kids. You should explore the world with your kids. You should go for picnic, hiking, can go to beach or wherever you and your family would love to go.

Appreciate yourself:

You should appreciate yourself for maintain a balance between children and work. You should also appreciate your partner for helping you in your toughest time. You can go for a dinner at your favorite place.


You can do productive work while staying at home and also able to maintain domestic harmony. You can learn different skills through remote work. It might be hard sometimes to work remotely with kids at home, but the benefits of making it work can far outweigh the inconvenience. 


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