New Global Business Networking Site for Women

As an international business consultant, Ms. Murray begin to observe the rise in female entrepreneurs globally and how they were not aware of each other’s existence. Not to mention, the added value that each of them could share in partnering and supporting one another. She went on further to state that in spite of the surge in the growth of female entrepreneurs, women in business are yet a minority.

Many times they are unable to qualify for large contracts in government or get connected to larger private enterprises because of the size and limited resources that are available to them, and unlike men they have not mastered effectively the concept of joint venturing. With the establishment of so many female professional groups, that link cities together, she realized there was a massive void in her world of global business. Not to mention the massive membership fees that are accessed with these organizations.

Erica suggested to her board to consider the idea of a Global Business Directory for Female Entrepreneurs. This undertaken would join women who are a part of associations and those who are not to be connected, or can afford to connect through those enterprises. Furthermore, this directory provides a global presence to their business and serves as a marketing tool, as well.

Ms. Murray believes that it is time that female entrepreneurs think “big” about their businesses and it starts with just a simple entry in the global business directory. Women are sometimes in search to do business with other women, but there is not an easy tool to make it happen, so Ms. Murray decided to create it.

Women to women entrepreneurs is a new innovative business website for women. It is an invaluable tool for the woman business owner. The website provides an overview about women entrepreneurs and their contributions to society.

What the Directory Offers

Women are provided an opportunity to become a part of our marketing concept. Ms. Murray believes in what she calls the “real people, real advertising” concept. Women who join the network are able to submit a webcam video introducing themselves and their businesses that may be selected for promotions of the directory. When they complete the sign up process, the instructions are provided for this opportunity. This is yet another way in which these women can garner attention to their businesses without incurring the cost.

The directory offers the ability to connect with millions of businesses globally. Female entrepreneurs will have the name of businesses, contact information, years in business and services offered at their fingertips. So, if the entrepreneur wanted to learn more about a specific market, this directory makes it easier.

After the women submit their business via the website there is a verification process. Once their businesses are verified, they will be sent an sample of how their listing will appear in the directory.

Additionally, this type of massive exposure in many instances would break a marketing budget. This directory will build and expand businesses to a global dimension.

The best part is it is “Free” to sign up and get listed in the directory!

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