New Profession for Couples- Trucking

There is a huge demand for truckers across the nation and carriers are constantly searching for reliable, trained drivers for support and serve the country.

A recent survey has revealed surprising demographics related to the filing the employment gap. In last 5 years, married couples have made up a large percentage of contribution in the trucking industry with their workforce. These couple aged 50 and above, either possesses an empty nest or a lackluster lifestyle after retirement.

However, most of us look at trucking as money mending profession to maintain an active lifestyle. Money associated with team driving is definitely an added advantage, helping and moving around benefitting their retirement lifestyle.

As a matter-of-fact, combined income of $100,000 per year can be the expected money for couple truckers to bringing home. This phenomenon is ideal and different in many ways. In one way, it does remove the most usual aspect of trucking- time away from home and loved ones.

Truck couple driving is much safer than an average driver as they likely to deviate from sleep or risk of rash driving and few other hazardous risks. Driving as couples actually makes the workload easy to carry. When one person is tired, the other person can take over the wheels preventing to fall asleep while driving. The couple can maintain alternative sleep schedules allowing covering maximum miles at a faster pace. A driving team can deliver two times faster than a single driver. If the single driver is driving for 10 hours a day, a team can drive for 20.

Being this reason, most of the truck owners send their team to attend their most loyal customers and ensure faster deliveries. Being a team adds value to the work they do as well as being recognized soon. Like every other employee of the trucking company would know about your spouse and would surely respect her/him for the same. It feels good to be famous or at least known, for a change! We ladies love grabbing attention.

Moreover, couple drivers are given more value and importance than single drivers as long distance delivery can be optimized without much hassle. Experienced workers are also seen more dependable, mature and proven work ethic. Around 15,000 drivers are into trucking and among them, around 3000 members are older individuals. When couples work together, the work load is shared. If one filing taxes this time, then other person would surely contribute their time in paper work. To save time and money, the couple truckers can opt for e-filing through an authorized service provider as the medium to file their returns. You will receive your schedule-1 copy in minutes unlike the situations in paper-filing.

Every industry has their own set of benefits which attract the couples top opt for truck-driving career. They include:

  • Health and life insurance
  • Rewards for safe driving
  • Vacation pay
  • Retirement plan

Couples with grown children and/or few obligations are likely to enjoy time behind the wheels. Trucking is the most rewarding career, gives them the opportunity to travel to new places, explore the world and work as a team.

If you are one of them looking for a change in your relationship, lifestyle and scenery then this would be an ideal career for you. Go grab the opportunity to get closer to your spouse. Feel young again!