New Year’s Resolutions for Career Advancement

New Year's Resolution

New Year's ResolutionNEW YORK — Whether looking to make a career move in 2013 or simply advance in their present company, employees should be making resolutions that extend beyond pledges to spend more time in the gym, according to Ann Fastiggi of the New York-based executive search firm Herbert Mines Associates

Fastiggi, one of the most prominent names in executive search, suggests that those looking to advance their career use the New Year’s transition as a time of reflection and start by evaluating their position within their current company.  This self-evaluation will enable them to be properly positioned for a search, or to advance further within their current role.  

5 critical questions for career advancement – and 5 tips for taking the next step:

  1. How indispensable are you to your employer?  If the answer is “not very” or “I don’t know,” determine what you need to do to hone your skills, model best practices and become known for your unique value to the organization. Find a niche skill or area of expertise within the organization that you can “own.”
  2. Are you a “thought leader?”  If you’ve developed an area of expertise within your company or industry (see above) or even have strong, informed opinions about aspects of your industry, then make your opinions known in a public forum. Contribute to a blog, draft a bylined article or use other social media channels to make your voice heard and build a personal brand.
  3. What impact does your performance have on the business? Take a step back from your role, function and department and evaluate your worth. It may be that you are improving the top or bottom line either by increasing business or through operating efficiencies. Develop specific metrics that will be useful both on your resume and during internal performance reviews.
  4. Do you credit co-workers for their own good work? If you lead by positive example and spread credit where credit is due, your supervisors will be more likely, rather than less, to notice your own successes and leadership skills. You’re also more likely to build a fan club among co-workers who will help contribute to your own advancement.
  5. Are you as patient as you should be? It is a given that work situations can be difficult, and it’s not unusual to have a bad day, week or month. Perhaps you have a new boss and are having a challenging time adjusting to a new management style or business strategy. Before making a move, evaluate whether your job dissatisfaction is temporary or permanent. Determine what you might be able to do to correct or eliminate it.

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