Nursing: Thinking About Making a Pivot?

Nursing positions can be found working in a wide range of environments, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, physician offices,  care centers, and schools.

Because of COVID-19, more and more people who work in nursing are seeking jobs that they can do without having to commute at all. During this pandemic, medicare has been temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services to respond to the crisis. Therefore, work-from-home jobs allow nurses to do their duties as a health care professional as effectively as they had worked in a hospital or outpatient facility.

Working remotely as a nurse may have been a dream in the past. As a result of the increased acceptance of virtual work and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this dream has become a global reality. Remote nurses provide telephone support, follow-up services to patients, advice, and they can also work in case management and enlisting the new candidates. As a result, nurses help to make it easier for the elderly and especially those patients who are suffering from immunodeficiency problems, to access healthcare facilities. Moreover, patients who are living in rural areas can also have access to healthcare facilities.

As a result, are many job opportunities for nurses who want to remote work-from-home

Companies that Hire  for Remote Work-from-Home Nursing Positions

  • CareCentrix

Connects patients to telehealth facilities. As their main focus, CareCentrix is working with a wide ranging network, with over 8,000 credentialed provider locations, care centers. Above all, it seeks to help providers and navigate patients to the secure and efficient home care system, and provides support and services through each step of treatment and healing process.

Recent work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Clinical Supervisor (Nurse Liaison Post Acute Care)
  • Lead Clinical Reviewer (Independent Physician Associate)
  • Nurse Liason (Post Acute Care)


  • CSV Health

CSV Health is one of the leading companies, who is serving a wide range of patients remotely. It is the nation’s most significant contributor to healthcare services. As a result of its size, in prescriptions alone, they fulfill over 1 billion  prescriptions annually. Operating CSV speciality, CSV MinuteClinic, CSV Pharmacy, and CSV Caremark. As a result of their size, CSV Health serves an average of five million customers per day.

Recent Remote work nursing jobs:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Health Management Rare
  • Registered Nurse (-RN-PAH Educator)


  • Aetna

Seen as one of the best healthcare companies, offering a wide range of medicine and health insurance services. Aetna is serving a wide range of patients in all 50 states. They are providing medical, dental and disability in addition to pharmacy, and group life plans to more than 50 million members.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Appeals Nurse Consultant
  • Senior Clinical Strategist
  • Case Manager Nurse


  • Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. serves one-in-nine Americans and is known as the nation’s largest for-profit managed healthcare company.  So, it currently serves over 73 million members across the United States. Its affiliated companies deliver products and services to its members so they can live a healthy life.

Recent Remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • A manager I/ II  Case Management
  • Clinical Quality Program Administrator
  • Telephonic LTSS Service Coordinator (RN Clinician)


  • HMS Healthcare

HMS provides a comprehensive range of healthcare cost-management solutions to help the payers boost and enhance business performance. They offer eligibility, fraud identification and payment accuracy. In addition, they provide consulting for cost savings, performance improvement, and provider education.

Recent Remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Nurse Reviewer
  • Medical Review Nurse
  • Senior Clinical Quality Reviewer 


Because of the current situation, health care workers are in high demand. Above all, if you’re considering a pivot, the nursing field is worthy of serious consideration, and has huge potential along with massive rewards beyond the pay.


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