Overcoming Odds and Changing the World, One Purpose-filled Individual at a Time

Nicole Robinson

Nicole RobinsonNicole Robinson used her own personal struggles to help her discover and define her purpose in life, and then she began sharing the process that she went through in order to empower others and help them discover their own passions, skills, and purposes.

Nicole founded Divine Purpose School as an avenue in which she can share the knowledge she’s gained after many years of struggling, searching, learning, and ultimately overcoming challenges and finding incredible success.

After completing college, Nicole entered her career as a nurse, and within a few months, realized that she was unfulfilled and unhappy. While she had some financial stability, she still struggled making ends meet and was tired of feeling stuck. Nicole recalled her childhood memories of writing business plans and dreaming about being a business owner. The little girl in her suddenly came bounding back, and she quickly began making plans and exploring the possibility of opening her own employment firm. After a few weeks of strategizing, she gave her two weeks’ notice at her job and was basically told that she could be done working that day.

Upset at her lack of savings and rash decision, Nicole began second-guessing herself. However, instead of feeling sorry for herself and going back on her plans, Nicole’s survival instincts took over and she determined to make something happen for herself and her son. She had made her son many promises and let the desire to fulfill those promises drive her. Even when banks told her no countless times, her electricity was turned off, and her car was in danger of repossession, Nicole pushed forward.

It was that drive and motivation and passion that kept Nicole’s dream alive and eventually turned it into a reality. The day that she got her first customer, Nicole knew that the entrepreneur in her was finally justified and she finally had the beginning of a business that she always dreamed of having.

Since its beginning over ten years ago, Nicole’s business has employed hundreds of people and made millions of dollars in revenue. In the first year, Nicole went from having only $200 to making a six figure income. Her company has seen a 20% increase in growth each year. It also went from a local to a national company in just 24 months, and the entire business is and has always been completely free of any loan debt.

Nicole Robinson’s purpose is to help others realize and embrace their own personal calling, and she does so with Divine Purpose School, which is designed to help you locate your purpose and create a plan to live in that purpose fully, as well as build a foundation for a prosperous business that is tied to your passion.

Divine Purpose School’s philosophy is about helping individuals find their purpose, live on their purpose, and create peace and prosperity through their purpose. It believes that everyone has unique skills and passions, and that both of those things, in any form, can be utilized to create extraordinary peace and a prosperous life for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to achieve a life that is full of purpose.