Recovery of Jobs Lacks Gender Equity

recovery of jobs for women is a challenge post covid19

The economic outlook after COVID-19 is still shaky. A gender equitable jobs recovery needs some serious focus.

Even though the situation continues, the economy in the United States is showing some signs of recovery. However Hispanic and black women are still left behind in the big picture, with many still unemployed after the wave of job losses last year.

Recovery from the pandemic continues to play tricks on the economy. With new waves of lockdowns, hospitality, recreation and social based businesses are on a roller coaster. Women have actually lost approximately 1 million more jobs than men from the impact caused by the pandemic.

A combination of factors seems to be the source of the problem. These include a high percentage of leisure industry positions, disproportionately filled by women, and school closures due to the pandemic. Related to the school closures, one significant element of the economic downturn comes as an apparent by-product, namely increase in women staying home to care for children. The compounding effect of these two situations drastically multiplied the true scale of the impact. To aid the recovery, a variety of policy solutions will be necessary. To learn more read the full story from the Center for American Progress 


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