Remote work: Improving Relations With Coworkers

Remote work: Improving Relations With Coworkers

Remote work can be a double edged sword

In remote work, you lose the advantage of face-to-face interaction with other co-workers. When you communicate only through computers, it can be difficult to get those non-verbal insights about your co-workers, and the trust cannot be developed that is built between co-workers from working side by side. But you have to bring a change by producing sound and stronger relations with the co-workers because relationships can be constructed digitally by some efforts, and it is very challenging for a veteran site.


Implement Scheduled Communication:

You can have a scheduled communication weekly or more often, so your tasks do not fall through the cracks. When you are not working in the office, it isn’t easy to manage time for such communication, and it less likely to happen when it is not in the calendar. But it is all about intentions; if you are willing to do, then you will do. These scheduled meetings, even in a week or daily, can make your relationships better when you get to know each other.

Select video calls over text and chat apps

It would help if you went for video calls rather than texting, that will helps you to bridge a gap between face-to-face interactions. You get to know each other very well through video calls. When during a call, the screen is in front of you, then you will be less distracted, and you will talk to them with full attention because you know it that the person over the video call can see you, your expressions, and also notice your focus. So during meetings, you will be more engaged in talking rather than scrolling.

Show interest in their lives:

If you want to know them personally, then you have to show some interest in their lives by making efforts. You can talk about their lives outside of work. At the beginning of conference calls, you can ask everyone about their health, about their weekends, about their activities/hobbies and you have to make efforts by remembering all the things that they have told you. You can regain your lost interactions with the remote workers.


Meet in person occasionally:

You can meet your team whenever you get time. You can also invite your remote employees if you all are in the same city, then plan a small event and can enjoy a team building day. Of course during the pandemic it will require some extra planning, But, overall can still be done safely.


You can get positive feedbacks by following the above strategies. In this way, you all feel like you are a part of the community and a company that cares about them a lot when all the co-workers have strong relationships so they can address the issues freely and can get different strategies to solve that problem of a veteran site.

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