Startup 101- Being A Woman In An Entrepreneurial World

Startup 101- Being A Woman In An Entrepreneurial World

Startup 101- Being A Woman In An Entrepreneurial WorldBeing a woman in the world of business still has its pitfalls. Men are still making more money than women, and sometimes getting more accolades and more serious business than women are. That isn’t reason enough to keep motivated entrepreneurial women from going into business for themselves though.

Here are a few tips for the business-minded woman that is looking to startup their own business. It may not be worth it, and your first venture may even fail, but it’s worth it to spread your wings and be your own boss.

Coming Up With Your Business Plan

The first step in going into business for yourself is to come up with a business idea. In this day and age you don’t have to worry about having a woman-centric business. Women are working in a man’s world all the time now, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking your career path of choice.

Think of something that you are passionate about. The more you love what you are doing the better your chances of launching something big. Plus, when you love your job it’s kind of like you never really work a day in your life.

Getting The Money

Once you have a business plan, the next step is coming up with the money to launch your business. How much money you need will depend on a few factors, including what type of business you plan to launch and whether or not you play to stay at your day job when you launch. If you’re going all in, you’ll need money for living expenses, as well as money to get the stuff you need to run a business.

Getting money for a new business isn’t as hard as you may have once thought it was. You just need to know where to look, and that includes looking into local funds that might be set aside just for women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Loans and grants are available, and some of them are specific to women going into business.

You should also be using the newest forms of money making that are out there, which includes the numerous crowdfunding sites online. This is a great way to let people know about the business you plan to launch while getting funds to launch it, funds that you won’t have to pay back.

Start Advertising

While you don’t want to get into advertising before your business is close to launching, or before you have the funds for advertising costs, you should be considering your advertising options early on. You’ll need things like brochures and business cards, which you can find great deals on with a simple online search.

You also want to start getting a website set up early where people can go to learn about your business goals. This is a good thing to have even before you set up your crowdfunding campaigns, so that people have someplace to go to learn more about what it is you’re planning on doing with the money they might give to you.