Story of Katharine- The Real Women Trucker

The hottest topic to discuss among women and couples is how to defend themselves and not become a victim. We are living in a country where women are treated equal but then again, the bad eye people are largely spread across and women tend to eliminate the fact that they can never be safe. Women truckers should always be well equipped with self defense tricks and methods as well as weapons.

In America, guns are legal. You can always defend yourself with your gun. However, if situation slips out of your hand or you missed carrying your gun along, here are some ways to defend yourself.

Prove Them; Women Are Not Weak As They Presume!

This is a story of women, trucker women. Trucking does not have timings, nor do they resemble 9-6 job. Trucking is all day-night task. You should have noticed they never crib about their profession nor did this brave lady.

Katharine, Women trucker, 35 yrs old resides in Tennessee, with her 2 daughters. For her, night hauling is very casual. She was always open to work on wee hours.  She says, “I love what I’m, I love what I drive and I love what women truckers can do.” Let be day or night, trucking never halts.

With this spirit, Katharine was behind the wheels one night. She had to halt at the truck stop as her stomach was growling in power and she was not able to resist the hot dogs aroma coming along. She parked her vehicle along the parking lot, which was almost deserted. Without any second thought, she locked her vehicle and rushed in to grab a bite.

With all excitement and power, the lady got in. Everything was in place till she got back to her truck. As she was moving out of the truck stop, she did smell danger, a shadow like figure behind her, but assumed that she is too sleepy for the night. Katharine was a fighter; she knew how to get rid of these stalkers.

Of course, she did have a clear presence of mind, which was an added advantage of being a single mother, lonely women on the deserted land. “I will not say, it is dangerous for women to travel alone or need men to defend but yes, if you can handle the load and protect yourself from stalkers, then you win the battle”, says Katharine.

Katherine did have a fair idea the difficulties faced by women truckers but nevertheless, she did go and achieved her goal, trucking. Of course, women in no land are safe but that does not mean women should never opt for profession owned by men? Well, Katharine simply took out her keys with a cat like face keychain attached and held it tight for self defense.

In no time, she was attacked from behind. Yeah this was sudden, she said.

The talk from years of experience, women have two important and powerful weapons with themselves, their elbows and legs. If you made it, you win it. Katharine made the best out of these weapons. She did not react first as she was busy developing a picture that she is scared. But soon, she smacked off his tummy with her elbow and pinched him hard under the arms. It does work, Katharine said with a broad smile.

Katharine added, when truckers are driving, they need to take good care of their physical attributes, like wearing sports and running shoes. Well, yes says Katharine. It is indeed an advantage. You can run faster than ever, kick harder than ever if you’re pushed on the ground.

Next thing Katharine did was picked her Smartphone and dialed 911 to alert the rescuers, seeking for help. They explained what she needs to do next and how to escape till they arrive to the point.

However, the situations may vary according to the number of people you’re attacked by. If there is no situation where you can dial 911, use your strength to handle them and make your way. You can scream or throw them on the ground, but do defend. Show them you’re not weak, as they presume!

While having a talk with, she mentioned that every women trucker should invest in a Smartphone, as they play an important role in featuring the rescue part. There are apps featured for Android and iOS for the safety of women.

Katharine was saved from the attackers but there are many women who are not so familiar with the art of self defense or tried but did not succeed. Of course, luck does not support you all day; it’s all about how you handle things.

This was Katharine’s story. But, you can also be a victim if you don’t share the same presence of mind and techniques.

Some of the attackers use techniques like playing a song track of a baby crying or a women screaming for help. Katharine mentioned that after hearing this kind of sound track, you tend to immediately move out of your truck and look out from where sound is coming and get prepared to rescue them. But mind you, this is a foul play, a web to trap you and eventually, assaults takes place.

Attacker’s Weak Points To Remember:

Out of experience, Katharine did mention few key points which are helpful for women truckers. Go for his four important weak points: Eyes, Throat, Groin and Knees.

On a conclusive note, respects women truck drivers and wish they have the strength and courage to face the oddities of life. We thank them for e-filing their tax return on time and choosing us as their tax filing partner. Every year we have 1000s of customers coming to our website, filing their return. Women truckers lead the list! is indeed a proud service provider!