Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Three Ideas to Boost Employee Retention

A recent survey of human resource managers shows that employee turnover remains one of the most critical workplace issues. Sixty percent say that skilled-person power is “scarce”. Forty six percent say that worker retention is a “very serious” issue and another 28 percent believe it to be “serious”. Companies that take the problem seriously and […]

Maintain Energy & Focus Throughout the Workday

Maintain Energy & Focus Throughout the Workday

You start the workday feeling fresh and bright-eyed, though as the day continues, you slowly feel your energy diminish. You feel your motivation, focus, and productivity lessen as you edge into the afternoon. Rather than reaching for that extra cup of coffee or settling for a Luna bar for lunch, consider these ways to amp […]

Millennial Working Women

Millennial Women Question Professional Ambition

Nearly 50 Percent of Women Say That Too Much Personal Sacrifice Is at Stake NEW YORK (June 13, 2013):  Amidst the ongoing discussions of women in the workplace and the opportunity for women to assume leadership positions, new research finds that Millennial women, surprisingly, have little interest or desire to assume a top leadership position.

Climbing the corporate ladder

3 Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder

In business, those who typically “get ahead” have three main traits in common: an impressive range of experience, the right educational degree for high-level employment and esteemed professionalism that stands out on a daily basis. Sure, people enjoy stories about nonconformists who drop out of college and manage to start highly successful businesses. But the […]