The Best Ways to Find a Job in Nursing

Cromwell Medical - Finding jobs for nurses in London
Cromwell Medical - Finding jobs for nurses in London

Everybody knows that job-hunting is no picnic. The seemingly endless journey of applying for jobs online, creating cover letters and resumes, and going in for interviews can be exhausting, not to mention the constant array of networking events to attend to build your connections.

This process of job-applying is quite common in corporate-type jobs but people looking for jobs in nursing often have to go through a similar process. And after finishing school, residency and the licensing exam, this complicated process can be the last thing you want to take on.

But finding a job in nursing doesn’t have to be a headache. What you really want is to be out there in the field helping people with your career, and our tips can help get you there. don’t have to be hard to come by; follow these strategies and soon you’ll find yourself in a job you love.

Find a recruitment agency

If you want to find a job that’s a really great match for your particular abilities and skills, a recruitment agency like Cromwell Medical can be a great option. It’s their mission to help connect you with London nurse jobs that fit you perfectly. They’ll work with you to learn about what it is that you really want, and use their network of hospitals and clinics to set you up with a great nursing job.

Connect, connect, connect!

You might think it’s your nursing skills that will land you the nursing job of your dreams, but you might surprised to hear that it’s your people skills that will actually get you that great job. Being open to making connections with potential employers is a skill of hire-able people.

Take advantage of your proximity to so many people in your field during nursing school and residency. It’s a great idea to reach out to the floor manager during your residency rotations, especially in those fields that you really want to work in. They’ll be far more likely to remember you later if you put yourself out there and expressed your interest and dedication.

Be diligent

If you’re expecting to land your job right after finishing residency, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Be aware that the job searching process may take time, and that putting in the time to find a job you really love will pay off in the long run. Decide what sort of setting you want to work in, and diligently visit clinics and make your face known there. You want the managers to perceive your dedication to the work, and your enthusiasm to work at their clinic.

It’s also helpful to have cover letters and resumes printed and ready to go when you go to apply for a job. The easier you can make it for the managers to learn about you, the better your chances of scoring a job.