The True Meaning of Success

Successful women
Successful women

Truly successful women in business know what success means to them. Not to anyone else; or how the world defines it. But success as it takes on meaning in their lives. They can write it down; articulate it clearly and succinctly to others and pursue it with relentless tenacity.

Once upon a time; I asked the question of a small group of women – “What does success mean to you? Define and write it down in 3 to 5 sentences”. It was an extremely different chore for each of them. In fact, one woman defined it as “making her think!”

Why do we shy away from thinking? Shy away from the very activity that can make or break us when it comes to business success? Or life in general success for that matter!

I think we simply want to go with the flow of a passion without having to engage in the mental work required to be truly successful. If that’s the case; then what we call “business” is nothing more than a glorified ‘hobby’. And being asked to do otherwise is simply too much effort.

Perhaps I’m being unduly critical. Then perhaps I’m just being realistic and practical. Because the truth is; women who are successful in business do more than just “go with the flow” – at least in the beginning. They plan, seek advice and wisdom from those who’ve gone before, strategize and then plan some more. These successful business women can tell you at the drop of a syllable exactly what “success” means (or will mean) to them.   They haven’t left it to guess work!

Let me suggest an exercise for each of you reading this. Take paper and pen (or laptop) and in 3 to 5 sentences; DEFINE “Success” for yourself. Think of it in emotional terms:

  1. How will I feel when “success-as-you-define-it” arrives?
  2. What might change in your life?
  3. How will it impact me; my family and friends?
  4. What might I do differently once “success” has entered the equation of my life?
  5. Ultimately what will I do with it?

May I suggest that you do this now – rather than later. We’re nearing the end of another year so I suggest you put it into your year-end planning.

That is if you truly want to be successful business women. The choice is your!


Linda S. Fitzgerald

P.S. Who are some of the most successful women in business you know? Add them in a comment list and tell us how they started and why you believe they are successful. Here’s one of mine:

Carrie Wilkerson ~ The Barefoot Executive. She sets her mind on a goal and never wavers until she’s accomplished it. Carrie has razor-like focus!