Tips for Dressing Professionally Without Breaking the Bank

Business Fashionable

Business FashionableHave you ever noticed that when you look professional, you are more inclined to act more professionally? And if you’re not on your wardrobe A-game it may make you act a little off, and not so confident? Not only do you feel better when you look like a million bucks, but people are more likely to give you respect, and pay attention to you.

While it would be nice to be able to hire a stylist and sit back while they charged all of the power suits and matching heels to an unlimited black card; we aren’t all that lucky. Here are a few tips on how to dress professionally without spending your entire life savings in one shot.

Never buy full price

Commit to yourself to only buy clothes that are discounted, whether this means you find them on sale, use a coupon, or are shopping at a discount store such as Nordstrom Rack. Paying full price is a sure fire way to empty your bank account, and there’s really no reason to. Not only are you able to look for discounted clothing in stores, but you can also look at retailers online, as well as used clothing sources such as Ebay.

Buy versatile pieces

If every piece of clothing you buy is a loud statement piece, it’ll be tough getting away with re-wearing it over and over without people noticing. Buy pieces of clothing that can be used to dress up or dress down, and be paired with a number of different things. A great black blazer or a well-fitting jumpsuit are pieces that can take you from office to cocktails with just a few changes in accessories.

Avoid dry cleaning

Dry cleaning can really drain your wallet, so stay away from pieces that must be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is much easier than laundering your own garments, especially when ironing is involved; but think of all the money and time that’s wasted when you have to continuously bring pieces of clothing to be professionally cleaned. Learning how to take great care of your clothes, and iron or steam them yourself will help you spend less on cleaning and more on building your wardrobe.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to wear runway-ready outfits every day, whether or not you can buy them at a bargain price. Keeping your wardrobe in check by buying quality clothing at affordable prices is the way to go when building a work wardrobe. Keep in mind that ultimately your goal is not to get so carried away in fashion, but to just feel good and presentable when you walk into the office each morning.

Some of you may love shopping and be excited for the challenge of creating a new wardrobe, while others are totally dreading the dressing room and long mall lines; but no matter how you look at it, it’s important to look and feel professional while you’re at work. Take pride in your appearance, and you’ll begin to notice a newfound respect that not only you have for yourself but others do as well.