Toni Bissell: Turning a Life-Changing Family Emergency into a Booming Medical ID Jewelry Business

medical id bracelets
medical id bracelets

Many women are faced with adversity, but not all respond with fierce, unyielding determination. And even fewer are able to use that seemingly insurmountable obstacle as a stepping-stone to success. Meet Toni Bissell, President and Founder of N-Style ID.

While raising two daughters on her own, her family’s lives were transformed when her 10-year old daughter, Camille, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. “It was very scary when she was diagnosed. I had no idea how I was going to handle it,” said Ms. Bissell. “Even though I was educated in fitness and nutrition, this was a whole new ball game.” Toni’s proactive approach included altered dietary plans for Camille, insulin injections and disciplined blood sugar monitoring. However, one thing was severely lacking: stylish medical ID jewelry. With Toni’s natural passion, this was something she could go full force into.

Faced with an enormous challenge, Toni parlayed her considerable passion for health & fitness – before launching her medical ID jewelry enterprise, she was a personal trainer in Lake Tahoe – with keen business acumen to create the blueprint for N-Style ID. Her company is a leading provider of medical ID jewelry for a variety of conditions, including diabetes, allergies, seizures, epilepsy and more.

N-Style ID has injected fashionable flair into something most people regard as a no-frills, chic-free zone: the world of medical-themed jewelry. Toni’s products have filled the void with numerous styles, designs and materials that customers can personalize to their specific tastes. Yet even though N-Style ID medical jewelry is as unique as the person wearing them, every product has the same purpose: empower anyone with a serious medical condition to embrace life.

“I saw firsthand how the initial diagnosis of a severe medical condition can alter someone’s lifestyle,” Ms. Bissell said. “But once you’ve made the necessary changes and are able to manage the disease, you shouldn’t have to live in a bubble. Our medical ID jewelry helps people recapture that zest & spirit, because they know N-Style ID jewelry can help in the event of an emergency.”

Toni’s keys to success: tenacity, plus an attentive eye toward always-evolving customer preferences. “The demands of running a business are hard to quantify,” Ms. Bissell said. “But firm resolve plus drive & determination can conquer any challenge. My daughter’s own courage in the face of adversity played a big role in showing me what’s possible. That’s a huge part of the N-Style ID company culture.

The ever-growing N-Style ID product line wouldn’t be possible without valuable input from her two daughters. “They help keep our designs in sync with what the younger generation wants,” Ms. Bissell said. “And they’ve become integral to overall business success.”

With stylish designs, expanding inventory and value-added discounts, N-Style ID strikes a fine balance between fashion and function. Given the polar-opposite characteristics of medical information and wearable accessories, that’s quite a feat. But don’t expect N-Style ID to rest on its laurels.

“It’s enormously satisfying to help people all over the world, and I’m proud of what N-Style ID has become,” Ms. Bissell explained. “Yet I’m also humbled when I think about how far we come – and what the future holds in store. So stay tuned…we’re just getting started!”