Use These Pro Tips to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Use These Pro Tips to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Use These Pro Tips to Keep Your Blog FreshIt’s easy to fall into a trap of repetitive business blogging. You’re juggling your other business tasks along with kids, carpools and the house and it’s hard to make enough time to find new, creative ideas.

However, the success of your blog requires you to engage your users, and they don’t want re-spun content or irrelevant tips that aren’t impactful.

To avoid posting the same boring article over and over, use these five proven ways to keep your blog content fresh and engaging.

SEO Optimized Relevance

Your blog content doesn’t have to be lengthy to make an impact. Some of the shortest blog posts are oftentimes the most impactful. The key is to find what is relevant to your readers. The surefire way of doing so is by researching impactful keywords you can use throughout your post for maximum search engine visibility.

Use tools like or Google’s Keyword Planner for clues on how to attract people to your content. Focus your writing on keywords that produce high traffic and visibility for your content to naturally rank better on Google and other search engines.

Pick up on Early Trends

Writing highly-engaging articles time and time again is tough, and after so long, you may run out of ideas on what to write. Take the stress out of writing by seeing what’s trending. Pros use tools like Google Trends and Buzzsumo to find buzzworthy content to re-share or write about.

Sharing trending stories early and before anyone else makes your blog look credible as a top source for breaking news, often creating a decent following of people who look to your site for interesting articles. This strategy is great for written content and social media, where sharing links or re-tweeting exclusives is great for traffic.

Be Authoritative

When writing content, be authoritative and use an expert tone. People want to feel confident when reading your blog. Don’t say things like, “This may possibly work for a few of you.” Rather, sound confident and boldly say, “This will work for you if you do step A and step B.”

If you need some inspiration in this area, look at some popular blogs run by confident women like Feministing (which analyzes everything with a feminist angle), Pioneer Woman (which focuses on the transition of moving from the city to the country) and Docce (which focuses on the trials and tribulations of life).

Seasonal Content is Your Friend

Writing content based on seasonal or specially-timed events is a great and easy way to stay relevant. Working titles should include a sense of urgency or target the season’s trends. A great example by Amway showcases makeup trends for beating the summer heat, as well as keeping readers engaged on which products do well in combating aging and sun exposure.

The point is to use seasonal events and keywords to rank higher in visibility, along with making your content share-worthy.

Let Others Write for You

Sometimes it’s just not in your cards to write for the week. Perhaps you’re on vacation with the family or you’re practicing lines for a play with your son. Or maybe you’re stuck on finding content or you just have writer’s block. When in doubt, look to others to fill in the gaps.

If you’re looking for a professional and time-sensitive guest post, look into content writing services like CrowdContent. Using content marketplaces is a great tool in sourcing reliable and quick writers on demand. Using the services comes in handy when you’re just out of steam, but need fresh content in a hurry.