Women in business in Dubai, UAE – misconceptions and realities

Dubai business woman
Dubai business woman

When people think about Dubai they think about luxury, large-scale business projects and great business opportunities. And this is totally correct – this is what Dubai can provide.

However, when thinking of UAE as the place for women for doing business, there is often a misconception that this country is hostile to women in business life. And this is a clear misunderstanding.

There are a number of women on the very different levels and positions in business life in UAE – from high ranking management in different companies to owners of their own business in very different areas and of the business of very different size.

There are a number of companies in Dubai and other Emirates in nearly every business area which belong to women. Such companies can be, for example, industrial, logistics, service, etc.

A number of woman in Dubai are very successful with their companies providing different education services in UAE – various classes for kids and adults, language schools, arts and music schools, etc.

Clearly, there are some certain business areas where women dominate, for example, beauty industry – shops, beauty salons, spas and similar; boutiques or interior design studios. These are the typical areas where woman generally dominate in most of the countries, and UAE is very similar in this respect.

However it, as already mentioned above, does not exclude a large number for woman in UAE being the owners or managers in companies in other business areas. Such areas can be various types of industries, legal and auditing services, recycling and any practically any other areas.

There is also a great number of women working in different governmental authorities of UAE – starting from minor local authorities all the way to very high ranked ministerial positions.

Who are these woman and where are they from? Practically from any country and with very different business and education background. What makes them common – their willingness to be successful – and UAE gives great opportunities to fulfil this goal.

There is even a special “Dubai Women Business Council” which actively supports women who open companies and start their business in United Arab Emirates.

To find out more on how to set up a business / company in Dubai, UAE – visit very useful information source on Dubai as the place for business – en.dubai-freezone.ae