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National Engineers Week Foundation Global Marathon

National Engineers Week Foundation Global MarathonNational engineers week foundation’s annual global marathon invites women in engineering and technology to inspire, inform and change the world 

WASHINGTON DC, January 29, 2013 – Women in Engineering and Technology: Inspire. Inform.  Change the World is the theme of the National Engineers Week Foundation’s annual Global Marathon. Set for March 6-8, 2013, the Marathon is a free, worldwide online forum for women in engineering and technology to meet virtually and share their stories of personal, educational, and professional challenges and successes. It is the only global event for women in engineering and technology offered in conjunction with International Women’s Day, March 8.

This year, the Global Marathon offers more opportunities than ever for attendees to pro-actively help shape and elevate the conversation for, by and about women. With the global platform as a launching point, participants are encouraged to champion the Marathon and create their own opportunities to expand conversations. Champions create local satellite programs – via the web, phone or in person – ranging from office coffees to visits by professional women at local universities. For more information, interested participants should visit www.inxpo.com/events/globalmarathon.  They can also email the Marathon team at engineeringwomen@eweek.org

Topics for the three-day event are:

  • March 6 – Leadership: Never Underestimate the Power of Example
  • March 7 – Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Inspiration at Work and University
  • March 8 – One Woman At a Time: Change the World

This year’s Global Marathon Chair is Gayle J. Gibson, Director for Corporate Operations for DuPont.  The Vice Chair is Danielle Curcio, Chief Software Engineer, Raytheon Company.

“Women remain under-represented in engineering in most parts of the world,” said Gibson.  “The Global Marathon creates a community that connects women engineers of all ages with a platform for collaboration across borders and employment sectors.  It is powerful to be part of a large group and I always tell women ‘never underestimate the power of example.’ I have met so many women in all stages of their careers who underestimate what they have to share. The Global Marathon is about empowering women both personally and professionally – it is an experience that stays with attendees long after its conclusion.”

Major sponsors of the 2013 Global Marathon include ExxonMobil, Motorola Solutions Foundation, and Bechtel.  Additional sponsors include DuPont, Motorola Mobility Foundation, and Raytheon.

To register for the 2013 main event, please go to www.inxpo.com/events/globalmarathon.  Join the Facebook community at www.facebook.com/globalmarathon

About National Engineers Week Foundation

The National Engineers Week Foundation works year-round to sustain and grow a dynamic engineering profession critical to public health, safety, and welfare.  The Foundation supports engineering outreach, education, and celebration through a network of thousands of volunteers in its partner coalition of more than 100 professional societies, major corporations and government agencies.

For more information, visit www.eweek.org.